ACA Reporting

Better. Cheaper. Faster.

  • 2,000,000+ 1095C Form Data Elements Validated & Processed
  • Options for all levels of ACA & Technical Competence
  • Let the ACA Experts do it all for you with our White Glove Option
  • Filing over 500 1095C Forms? Every form after 500 is Free!
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ACA Reporting

Better. Cheaper. Faster.

  • 500+ Brokers and Partners
  • 2,000,000+ 1095C Form Data Elements Validated & Processed
  • Options for all levels of ACA & Technical Competence
  • ERISA / Form 5500 / Wrap Docs / W2 & 1099 Tax Docs
  • Value-added Technology & Integration Services for Partners
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  • 1095C Form Generation (Two Versions): Verions 1: Addressed and Mailer Ready with Masked SSNs. Version 2: Standard Format with Unmasked SSNs.
  • E-File Forms to IRS Air System.
  • Comprehensive Data Validation both automatically and review by our technicians
  • Automatic ACA Coding (ie Lines 14-16) with final review by our technicians.
  • Managed & Unlimited Corrections Processing.
  • Auto-Correction of Common Data Issues. Manual Data Cleaning.
  • 1094 & 1095 Consulting with Phone & Email Support
  • Optional Data Compilation. Let us do the dirty work and get all of your myriad spreadsheets in our template and do the ACA coding for you.
  • Have ACAPrime Print and Mail Form 1095-C to your employee for small additional per form fee.
  • Add comprehensive employee tracking starting at $1 per employee per month + Setup Fee.
  • Add’l EIN and Mailing Fees May Apply.

ACA Reporting & Tracking powered by ChannelBound.

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Easy Guide to Complete your ACA / 1095-C Filing

  1. Click on Order Now to configure your options and subscribe to our service. Be sure to enter your referral code and hit validate to receive your discount.
  2. Enter your credit card info and other info as you normally would to sign up for the service. Note that it defaults as an annual subscription, but you can cancel at any time.
  3. Download and Fill out the Excel template from
  4. Once the data is ready in the template, upload it to the our secure server hosted by Citrix Systems’ ShareFile (we will send you a link). If you are e-filing, you will also need to upload the 1094-C summary form for each EIN you have.
  5. ACA Prime will run basic validations and inform you if there is any warnings or errors for you to correct.
  6. Once you have signed off everything looks good, ACA Prime produces the 1095-C forms and helps file with the IRS. If you signed up for U.S. mailing of the forms, that will be completed as well.

Useful Tips:

  • Fully Insured Employers do not need to fill out the Dependents Tab
  • Self Insured Employers must fill out the Dependents Tab
  • For questions on the Excel Template, see the instructions tab.
  • For more information on the 1094-C and 1095-C form codes, see our reference materials at:
If you have questions on the process, please contact or call 844-GET-1095.

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  • (844) GET-1095

Measurement and Tracking

  • Variable Hour Employee Tracking
  • Multiple Employer Defined Measurement Periods
  • Multiple Calendars and Sub-Groups
  • Insurance Offer of Coverage Tracking
  • Comprehensive Affordability Analysis
  • Handle Hire and Rehire with Ease
  • Configurable Break Times at the Company and Employee Group Level
  • Compilation of Data for 1095-C and 1094-C Reporting
  • Configurable Alerts, Reports, and Dashboards
  • Document Management and Repository
  • Trending Eligibility Reporting and Alerting
  • Mobile and Tablet Ready
  • Multiple Safe Harbor Applications (W2, Rate-of-Pay, Poverty Line)
  • Configurable Affordability Percentage (9.5%) based Upon Safe Harbor
  • Parity Rule and Break Time Tracking for various emp types (Education, Seasonal)
  • Ability to Handle Various Data Feeds and “Messy” Data
  • Complete Security including SSL Encryption

Education & Best Practices

Consult with our Expert ACA Staff

  • Ensure you have forms 1094 & 1095 completed correctly
  • Setting Up Measurement and Admin Periods
  • Employee Grouping and Classifications
  • Ensure Compliance
  • When and what forms need to be reported
  • How to institute Safe Harbor, Parity Rule, Break Time and other Clauses

ACA Analytics & Readiness

Use Historical Employee, Payroll, Benefit, and Other Data to Maximize your Employee Value while Minimizing Costs to the Employer

  • Calendar Year FTE Estimation
  • Pick the best ACA configuration that yields optimal results
  • Identify Employees who are eligible or close to eligible
  • Identify Potential Gaps in Affordability
  • Workforce Analytic for Scheduling Opportunities

Reporting &

Complete solution for electronic filing and producing 1095-C for Employees

  • Messy or Hard to Get Data – Ask us how we can help.  We are systems integration specialists
  • 1094-C Production & Auto-Populate
  • 1095-C Production & Auto-Populate
  • Electronic Filing Readiness
  • Integrates Seamlessly with other third party ACA Reporting and e-Filing Systems


What is the hardest thing about ACA reporting?

Getting the right data, cleaning the data, prepping the data, mapping the data, validating the data, ACA coding, & handling the corrections process…

…In a timely manner. As there will be a bottleneck in January when EVERYONE is trying to file!


What makes this easier?

A Proven System: Expert ACA Data Analysts utilizing streamlined workflows and specialized ACA software. This is ACAPrime.

Our ACA Elite Service offers:

  • No Software to Learn or Download, just complete our Excel Template and upload

  • We provide Consulting Services to Help you get the Form Updated Correctly

Download our Easy Fill Template Here.


Screen Shots

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