ACA Reporting

Better. Cheaper. Faster.

  • 2,000,000+ 1095C Form Data Elements Validated & Processed
  • Options for all levels of ACA & Technical Competence
  • Let the ACA Experts do it all for you with our White Glove Option
  • Filing over 500 1095C Forms? Every form after 500 is Free!
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ACA Reporting

Better. Cheaper. Faster.

  • 500+ Brokers and Partners
  • 2,000,000+ 1095C Form Data Elements Validated & Processed
  • Options for all levels of ACA & Technical Competence
  • ERISA / Form 5500 / Wrap Docs / W2 & 1099 Tax Docs
  • Value-added Technology & Integration Services for Partners
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Premium | Full Service | 5.99/Form


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  • 1095C Form Generation (Two Versions): Verions 1: Addressed and Mailer Ready with Masked SSNs. Version 2: Standard Format with Unmasked SSNs.
  • E-File Forms to IRS Air System.
  • White Glove / Data Compilation Option. Let us do all of the heavy lifting.        Have us clean, merge, map, audit, QA, & ACA code all of your company data.
  • Standard Automated ACA Coding (ie Lines 14-16 on 1095C).
  • Managed & Unlimited Corrections Processing.
  • Review all of your companies, employees, and dependents in only one easy to use document.
  • 1094 & 1095 Consulting with Phone & Email Support.
  • Have ACAPrime Print and Mail Form 1095-C to your employees for a small additional per form fee.
  • Add comprehensive employee tracking starting at $1 per employee per month + Setup Fee.
  • Add’l EIN and Mailing Fees May Apply.
* This pricing is per Single Filing Entity (ie Applicable Large Employer or Aggregated ALE Group). Stated maximum price does not include any per EIN fee or other options.

Are you a Small Group with a Self or Level Funded Plan with less than 50 Full Time Equivalents? If so..

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Basic Service
97 ¢ / Form
  • You provide us with fully completed template and we produce 1095C forms & efile.
  • 1095C Form Generation: Addressed and Mailer Ready with Masked SSNs.
  • E-File Forms to IRS Air System.
  • Add’l EIN and Mailing Fees May Apply.
  • Great Customer Support
  • Easy to use Excel® Spreadsheet Template
  • No New Software to Download
  • Any Payroll / Any System / Any Medical Plan
  • HIPAA | HITECH Compliant
  • Manage Multiple Clients from One Login
  • Secure, Easy-to-Use Data Storage Platform
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Ready to Mail Forms

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Key Dates for 2017 Tax Year ACA Reporting:

Jan 31, 2018

1095-C copies due to recipients / employees

Feb 28, 2018

Paper filing of 1094-C & 1095-C due to IRS

Mar 31, 2018

Electronic Filing of 1094-C & 1095-C due to IRS

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Measurement and Tracking

  • Variable Hour Employee Tracking
  • Multiple Employer Defined Measurement Periods
  • Multiple Calendars and Sub-Groups
  • Insurance Offer of Coverage Tracking
  • Comprehensive Affordability Analysis
  • Handle Hire and Rehire with Ease
  • Configurable Break Times at the Company and Employee Group Level
  • Compilation of Data for 1095-C and 1094-C Reporting
  • Configurable Alerts, Reports, and Dashboards
  • Document Management and Repository
  • Trending Eligibility Reporting and Alerting
  • Mobile and Tablet Ready
  • Multiple Safe Harbor Applications (W2, Rate-of-Pay, Poverty Line)
  • Configurable Affordability Percentage (9.5%) based Upon Safe Harbor
  • Parity Rule and Break Time Tracking for various emp types (Education, Seasonal)
  • Ability to Handle Various Data Feeds and “Messy” Data
  • Complete Security including SSL Encryption

Education & Best Practices

Consult with our Expert ACA Staff

  • Ensure you have forms 1094 & 1095 completed correctly
  • Setting Up Measurement and Admin Periods
  • Employee Grouping and Classifications
  • Ensure Compliance
  • When and what forms need to be reported
  • How to institute Safe Harbor, Parity Rule, Break Time and other Clauses

ACA Analytics & Readiness

Use Historical Employee, Payroll, Benefit, and Other Data to Maximize your Employee Value while Minimizing Costs to the Employer

  • Calendar Year FTE Estimation
  • Pick the best ACA configuration that yields optimal results
  • Identify Employees who are eligible or close to eligible
  • Identify Potential Gaps in Affordability
  • Workforce Analytic for Scheduling Opportunities

Reporting &

Complete solution for electronic filing and producing 1095-C for Employees

  • Messy or Hard to Get Data – Ask us how we can help.  We are systems integration specialists
  • 1094-C Production & Auto-Populate
  • 1095-C Production & Auto-Populate
  • Electronic Filing Readiness
  • Integrates Seamlessly with other third party ACA Reporting and e-Filing Systems


What is the hardest thing about ACA reporting?

Getting the right data, cleaning the data, prepping the data, mapping the data, validating the data, ACA coding, & handling the corrections process…

…In a timely manner. As there will be a bottleneck in January when EVERYONE is trying to file!


What makes this easier?

A Proven System: Expert ACA Data Analysts utilizing streamlined workflows and specialized ACA software. This is ACAPrime.

Our ACA Elite Service offers:

  • No Software to Learn or Download, just complete our Excel Template and upload

  • We provide Consulting Services to Help you get the Form Updated Correctly

Download our Easy Fill Template Here.


Screen Shots

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